Photographs in the form of limited, signed and numbered prints are available through the galleries that represent me. Prints are made under my supervision on archival papers that meet the requirements for collector's photography. For photographs taken up to year 2016, the aspect ratio is mainly 6:4 and then 6:4.5 due to a change in a photographic technology. The height of the print results from the aspect ratio. For the readability of the catalogue the formats are presented together, for example 60x45 cm | 60x40 cm. The editions contain different formats, are total, their names are inspired by the international aviation correspondence alphabet.


Echo: 7+2AP

Total edition, only the first three prints can be smaller.
  • 60x45 | 60x40 cm
  • 120x90 | 120x80 cm

  • X-Ray: 3+1AP.

    One format, edition available only for some photographs.
  • 180x135 | 180x120 cm

  • Unique.

    One print only, no AP. 


    Alpha: 7+2AP

    Total edition, prints in various formats with a minimum width of 100cm on the longer side.

    Bravo: 3+2AP*

    Total edition, prints in various formats with a maximum width of 75cm on the longer side.

    Project OVER

    The project was presented with the following structure:
  • 75x50cm, 7+1AP
  • 105x70cm, 5+1AP
  • 150x100cm, 3+1AP
  • 225x150cm, 1+1AP

  • In autumn 2021, I reduce the the above scheme for OVER to one total edition of 7+2AP, keeping the initial structure. This means that in 75x50 cm format a maximum of 7 prints are available, in 105x70 cm format a maximum of 5, in 150x100 cm format a maximum of 3, in 225x150 cm format only one print - all together in one total edition of 7+2AP. Please note, that not every photograph from the OVER project is offered in all formats, and reduction does not apply to compositions: OVER#51, OVER#52. The decision coincides with Bravo's reasons for reducing the edition, described below.

    *edition Bravo - reduction

    I absolutely adore large prints. They are an extension of the flight experience, they capture the world I see and feel. However, not all collectors have the space to exhibit large-format photographs. With them on mind the Bravo edition was created, mostly 7+2AP, with a few exceptions of 30 copies. It was in the age before the drones, when I was represented by many regional galleries and the market was not as globalized as it is today.

    Today I have the honour to work with galleries participating in major collector photography events such as Paris Photo, Photo Basel, Photo London, Unseen, PAN Amsterdam, AIPAD and many more. We are building long-term strategies and activities, and together we aim to highlight the uniqueness of the view and reproduce that in on the art market offer. In the fall of 2021, I made the decision to reduce the print run in the Bravo Edition to 3+2AP in all situations where this is possible to get 10 prints in total with the edition Alpha. I look forward to the moment when all of these prints are sold out and I can focus solely on flying and creating the next projects.

    My flight is ongoing. I aim for the moment when one flight will result in one unique print that will contain all the emotions, experiences, reflections and magic that I experience while I am up there. The print is for me like an artifact created in the sky, with which I return to earth.