Heads is an educational project dedicated to children aged 3 – 10. Its goal it is improve abstract thinking, spatial imagination and teach shifts in prespective.

I was looking for frames with which I could play with kids – frames that would create a story, be funny and leave a lot of room for imagination. Thus I've come across a construction site of a wind farm that, from the air, looked like a tribe of one-eyed monsters. I've taken a series of several dozen portraits.

These portraits are the basis for workshops that are organised during my exhibitions or as separate educational classes . What makes a child identify a given image as a face? And what would this face look like when viewed from below or from the side? And where did these men and women come from? And what are their names? Or perhaps it's a lake or an alien, after all? Depending on the participants' age the games, the discussions and reflections are about perspective, colour, face and emotions recognition, ecology, and, of course, movement in space. They also lead to stories about flying, photographing and discovering the world on one's own terms.