OVER is the result of a shift in my thinking of aerial photography. It is the first such a personal and subjective project and, at the same time, a new, creative way of expressing myself on a subject I have explored until now – the relationship between man and nature.

I am tired of man and his behaviours. When watched for 20 years from an aerial perspective, although amazing, they become predictable. I know by now that the whole landscape has been processed and marked with human presence. We feel as if we are the hosts and the owners of the entire world. But just one volcano eruption, hurricane or virus is enough to prove that our omnipotence is an illusion. One tiny error can make all we have worked so hard to achieve disappear.

What would happen if mankind vanished? What would be left behind? What would the predicted end of the Human Era look like? What will happen tomorrow, in a year, in a generation, in a thousand years? ”OVER” is a futuristic vision of the end of the world. I have experienced it when a few centimetres of snow covered the world, thus erasing any traces of our activity, and I, paragliding above in dificult weather conditions, started to feel emptiness.

I have set off in frenzied pursuit of vision and snow that kept appearing and vanishing. I would fly places a satellite couldn't see, a drone couldn't reach, that other pilots couldn't be bothered to go to. During those flights I focused not so much on what I was seeing, as on what I was feeling. At first glance these photographs may seem similar to the previous ones, but they no longer tell literal stories, no longer illustarte people's behaviours or show unique places. 

This project is about emotions that surfaced when I was not sure why I was flying, when I experienced emptiness, fear and the sense of inevitable doom, in difficult weather conditions, when I was on my own. For this project is about what I find important here and now. And about what it feels like to spend 20 years with my head up in the clouds and then return to earth.

The OVER photobook is available here

Event Horison

  • January - March 2016: The flights and shoots
  • August 2016: Portfolio review at Landskrona Photofestival;
  • November 2016: Fade To White exhibition in New York City with a few prints from OVER.
  • November 2016: New York Times, Lens Blog article about incoming project.
  • September 2017: First solo exhibition of OVER during the Landskrona Photofestival.
  • November 2017: Book Premiere / openieng in Vienna / opening in Paris

curent exhibition in Vienna, in Anzenberger Gallery.