Polish Patterns


This is my first photography project. It was carried out in ancient times when there were no drones and aerial photography was a rare phenomenon.

I've said goodbye to a career in architecture in order to devote myself to paragliding. I was amazed by the freedom and ease I experienced when airborne; I was surprised by the images underneath my feet, even of places I'd known by heart from the ground.

I had an amateur motor and a harness that was far from comfortable. And, flight after flight, I would go further and further. What I felt most of all was the pure pleasure of discovering the world. Like a young cat that ventured for the first time into the garden. I would jump into each little valley, down each slope and behind each mountain of what is called ”Kashubian Switzerland”. I was able to get lost there, hide, find my own private special places, many of which reminded me of me childchood. I felt free. And I have tried to nurture in myslef this joy of flying ever since.

I did not want to talk about it all. What I wanted was to show it. This is how Polish Patterns came to be. Today, when I look at these photos, I can see how much they have in common with architecture which, I thought, I had abandoned for good.